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Decluttering with Kids in the House

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There are two things in this world that almost anyone can say are stressful: raising children and keeping the house tidy. More often than not, a messy house and children go hand in hand. Now, let’s add one more piece to this puzzle that already has you pulling your hair… Read more »

Why I’m seeking help from a therapist

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Today at 1pm I will be starting my second therapy session with my new therapist. The first session was literally the morning after my wife left and not much was accomplished aside from me unloading everything that I was feeling. I think I caught my counselor off guard. I feel… Read more »

It’s been 1 week since my marriage ended and here’s how we’re doing

Today marks one week since our lives changed forever and things haven’t been easy for us. When something as impactful as a parent moving out happens, there’s a ripple effect. I think considering everything that’s going on, the kids are doing okay. They’re each dealing in their own way and… Read more »

Better late than never I suppose

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The boys and I had a pretty decent day yesterday. There were ups and downs but all things considered, I’m tossing it into the win column. I meant to update everyone last night but I was exhausted and didn’t get around to it. My main focus for today is to… Read more »

Trying desperately to not let their summer be defined by the collapse of my marriage

As the summer winds to a close, it was very important to me that the last major experience the kids had before school starting, wasn’t their lives being turned upside down when their Mom left. Emmett has been really stressed out in particular because he’s convinced that he will have… Read more »

I’m hoping this short trip helps us get our footing

We’re on our way to Cook Forest State Park. We’ll probably arrive around 11 AM and the boys are really excited. I’m not feeling so well this morning. It’s not that I’m sick, I’m just heartbroken. The truth at its most fundamental level is that I miss my wife. This… Read more »