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I need to figure out how to start living my life again

We buried my grandmother this morning, and that was really hard. She was the last grandparent on both sides of our family, and now that entire generation is gone. I don’t think that this has really set in yet, but it will hit me at some point very soon. Something… Read more »

Hopefully we made the right decision

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The boys are at Lizze’s parent for at least the next day, and possibly the next two days. Lizze and I will be leaving very early in the morning and making our way to Youngstown. It’s about an hour and twenty-minute drive, and we need to be there no later… Read more »

I think this is best

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Poor Emmett has been struggling today. He’s trying to decide if he is comfortable going to my grandmother’s funeral on Thursday. Elliott and Gavin are a hard no. Emmett has been on the fence. Lizze and I don’t want him to feel pressured either way, but we do need to… Read more »

Gavin’s appointment went well

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Gavin’s psychiatric appointment went great this morning. Nothing changed and we’re going to continue pushing ahead with his current dose of Clozapine, at 300mg/day. There is little evidence that increasing the dose will produce a more positive outcome. In fact, we have a ton of evidence to the contrary. Gavin… Read more »

It’s my fault, not his

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I’m not having a good morning. I feel like I didn’t sleep well and I’m not in a good mood. Gavin is particularly trying today, but it’s not his fault. He always asks me the same questions over and over again. The difference today is that I’m not in a… Read more »

How my kids are dealing with the loss of my grandmother

I’m beginning to see the impact of my grandmother’s death on my kids, particularly Emmett. None of my kids are talking about her or the fact that she’s passed, and that’s in stark contrast to what things were like while she was still with us. All three of my kids… Read more »

The only advice I have for parents dealing with loss

I’m having a hard time getting motivated today. The boys and I have been working on Minecraft together, and that was fun. I haven’t got much else done though. As I’m writing this, it occurred to me that part of the issue is that every day, about this time, I… Read more »