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So much happened this week and I don’t know where to start

It’s been such a really good week. My stress level is relatively manageable, either that or I’m coping better. Either way, it’s a win. So much has happened over the last seven days, I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I’ll just start somewhere. There’s been a few new beginning this week. Elliott …

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#Autism parenting is all about progress not perfection

It’s not a huge surprise that Gavin’s appointment with his immunologist went well. These appointments rarely go poorly because he’s monitored so closely on a weekly basis. Gavin sees his immunologist because he has Common Variable Immunodeficiency or CVID, which put simply, means he lives with a severely compromised immune system. This is a life …

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We have some difficult decisions about Gavin’s heath to make today

It was a rough night and a challenging morning. It’s a big day and it’s made worse by my lack of sleep. That being said, we’ve made it to our appointment with Gavin’s immunologist. We actually made it about 20 minutes early as well. Traffic was much kinder to us than I had anticipated. Now …

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