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What the hell is Common Variable Immunodeficiency?

With all the recent talk surroundingĀ Gavin’s immunological issues, I thought I would put something together that would help to educate those among us who may not know what CVID is… Read more »

The solution to Gavin’s immunology crisis was completely unexpected

We’ve been so stressed out since learning about the GAMMAGARD shortage. GAMMAGARD is the medication used to treat Common Variable Immunodeficiency, of which Gavin has. Basically, GAMMAGARD is donor antibodies… Read more »

We have some difficult decisions about Gavin’s heath to make today

It was a rough night and a challenging morning. It’s a big day and it’s made worse by my lack of sleep. That being said, we’ve made it to our… Read more »

It’s so hard not to worry

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As the day has gone on, Gavin’s sounding worse and worse. That doesn’t mean there’s anything to worry about but I worry nonetheless. He’s most likely dealing with the same… Read more »

There’s only 1 thing that could make things worse and it just happened

I have been sharing how stressed out and worried I am over Gavin’s current immunological crisis. I consider it a crisis because there is a nationwide shortage of GAMMAGARD. This… Read more »