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4 Tips To Help Your Autistic Child Vote

I’ve recently helped my adult autistic son exercise his right to vote. I recorded a short podcast episode about this journey, and it’s embedded below. I wanted to follow up with some practical tips that helped me to ensure my son was able to vote in this election cycle. Everyone’s situation is different, but if …

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I’m so proud of him

I had a conversation with someone today (did a video about it here) and I remembered a bit more about why I started doing everything I do. It was a reminder to me that while evolution and growth can be positive things, it’s important to stay true to your roots. I’ve been thinking alot about …

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I think I’ve created a monster

The boys have become very fond of baking and they are wanting to do so every single day. It’s a bit much and while I’m excited they are trying new things, I think I’ve created little baking monsters. 😂 Yesterday, Emmett decided he wanted to bake brownies and that he wanted them to be chewy. …

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My kids cooked me dinner and I’m blown away

One of the things we’ve been working on during lockdown is life skills. I try to make the best use of all the time we have available to us and it’s paying off. First of all, while Elliott and Emmett are both on the autism spectrum, they’re incredibly high functioning. Aside from anxiety, SPD and …

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