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How migraines and desperation led us to explore CBD products

If you’ve been reading our story for a while, you are probably aware of at least some of the problems we’re facing as a family. Most of the focus has been on the kids, especially Gavin. One of the things I haven’t spent a great deal of time lately is talking about some of the …

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Elliott’s dealing with frequent hesdaches

Poor Elliott is fighting off another headache. He’s been getting these more and more frequently. Lizze has a long sorted history with headaches/migraines, so it’s not too surprising that Elliott is as well.  The difference is that nothing helps Lizze’s migraines because they are believed to neurovascular in nature.  Elliott seems to respond well to …

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I’m grateful tonight

Lizze is getting some shut eye and the boys and I are hanging out. We made pancakes for dinner and I focused more on serving sizes this time around and we had far less waste.. ☺ Gavin’s getting his infusion and I’m writing this, while the boys are working together in the Xbox. It’s almost …

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