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Signs of Undiagnosed #Anxiety in Children with #Autism

Study Shows Higher Risk of Addiction for Individuals Diagnosed with ASD – But There is Hope

A child using drugs or alcohol is a parent’s worst nightmare. No one wants their children exposed to either one – or, worse yet, to become addicted. 

What You Need To Know About #Autism and Incontinence

Children with autism or other learning disabilities are at a higher risk of developing pediatric incontinence due to developmental delays that may impact proper toilet training…

Did you know that #CBD for pets is a thing now?

I’ve always been fascinated by science, especially medical science. When I was a kid, I used to love reading the medical advances section of Readers Digest. I’ve a big believer in western medicine, but my eyes have recently been opened to other options. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been exploring CBD products for Lizze in …

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What Are You So Scared Of?

It sad to say but the harsh truth of living in the modern world is that most of us live our lives in fear. That might sound kind of dramatic but you can see it all of the time. You see people who get trapped in the kind of life that they  never wanted and doesn’t make them happy but they put up with it because the idea of something else brings with it the fear of things going wrong and a lot of people really would rather put up with an unhappy life than take that risk.

How To React In A Natural Disaster 

Having children that have autism can teach you many things. A natural curiosity for the human mind is definitely going to grow in you. The effort to learn about how your child thinks and what could possibly make their life better is always going to be something you want to have continually.

The Educational Side Of 4 Of World’s Most Famous Cartoons

A lot of parents complain that their children watch too many cartoon shows. It almost seems to be a cultural thing of the modern day whereby cartoons and video games have truly taken over. But, do children truly spend too much time watching cartoons?

Do You Need Something Special To Work With Kids?

It’s difficult to explain the reasoning behind it, but the fact remains that our protective instinct kicks in when children are involved – even if you’re not a parent yourself. Most of the successful charities are to do with children. In fact, 53% of the public admit they would rather give money to a charity that looks after people – against 34% for charities that support animals.