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It’s too painful to talk about

As time goes by, I’m becoming more and more concerned about Gavin. There isn’t just one thing in particular that’s got my stomach in knots but rather a conglomeration of symptoms that aren’t sitting good with me. He’s losing his already limited problem solving skills. I just watched him struggle to figure out how to …

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Gavin seems to be struggling more today, and it’s heartbreaking

Gavin’s had a rougher day thus far. He seems to be on edge, but there’s no apparent reason why and if you ask him, he says he’s fine. He had his IVIG Infusion this morning, and per the current norm, he did it all by himself. Unfortunately, he ran into a few snags and rather …

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Gavin’s showing more signs of regression

I thought it would be a good time to do an overall update on how Gavin’s doing. I’ve already mentioned a few times recently that Gavin just turned 18 last week. That means we now have an adult with Autism in the house and that’s a first for us. That’s not exactly true. Lizze is …

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