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Writing with tear filled eyes

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Gavin’s having a very rough day. On a good day, he’s not running on all cylinders but anymore, it seems like his engine is barely turning over. He’s not problem-solving anything lately. I have a really good example of this and it took place yesterday around lunchtime. While Gavin was… Read more »

We had the worst #meltdown in 5 or 6 years yesterday and we’re facing some heartbreaking decisions

We’ve actually had to put something back on the table that we’d previously taken off. That’s revisiting whether or not Gavin would be better off in a group home type environment.

It’s been an incredibly long and heartbreaking day

I’m going to keep this super quick because I’m exhausted and if I can get the kids to fall asleep, I’m going straight to bed. It’s been a really long day, full of tears and heartache. Yesterday I shared about a very difficult decision we might be having to make… Read more »

It’s crushing to hear your child say they feel dead inside

We had a pretty rough evening with Elliott. I don’t talk about this a great deal but he’s seriously struggling and it’s absolutely breaking my heart. He has very little control over his emotions and seems to cycle through the full gamut in a very short period of time. I… Read more »

Emotionally absorbing another heartbreaking struggle, it must be Monday

As with every Monday and Friday for so many years now, Gavin needed his IVIG infusion this morning. Once again, Gavin put the supplies together in order to receive what essentially amounts to an antibody transfusion. This is only necessary because his body is unable to produce the necessary immunoglobulins… Read more »

The heartbreaking talk I had with my youngest

I always try to live my life without making any assumptions, at least big ones. No matter how hard I try, I inevitably find that I’ve made assumptions without even realizing it. I ran into one such time over the weekend. On one of our many trips to Home Depot,… Read more »

#Autism breaks my heart in more ways than I can explain

Autism is one of those human conditions that impacts every person touched by it in a different way. Sometimes those differences are not so big and other times those differences can be so profound, that you may wonder how they can all fit underneath the umbrella known as Autism.. Each… Read more »