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An Important Update: Anxiety, Depression and Respite

There’s a few things I need to catch you up on. For starters, Emmett made it to school this morning however, he came home sick about lunchtime. I understand there’s a stomach bug going around the school but I’m not sure he’s actually sick. I totally believe his stomach hurts… Read more »

This can really take it out of an #Autism parent

Lizze and I will be getting a break this fine Sunday. The boys will be spending the day, and subsequent night with their Grandparents.  It feels like we haven’t had a night off in forever, but it’s only been about two weeks. It’s amazing how two weeks of raising three… Read more »

Let the celebration begin

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The boys both had great days at school today. Emmett melted down on the way home and for a little while after arriving, because of how literally he sees things. I’ll share more later. After we worked through all that, we finished getting the boys ready to go to their… Read more »

1 big reason I’m super excited today

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It’s finally Friday and the very long week is coming to a close. What better way to celebrate than shipping the kids off to their grandparents house for the night. I love my kids, but holy shit do I need a break. I know Lizze does as well. The kids… Read more »

A Desperately Needed Break

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The boys are at their Grandparents tonight and Lizze, and I have the night to ourselves. Before the kids left, and it was a rougher day. It wasn’t the worst ever by far, but it was tough nonetheless. Lizze and I are just taking it easy tonight. We picked up… Read more »