Emmett and I met with the principal this week

Emmett and I met with the principal on Wednesday to begin planning for the rest of the school year and beyond. There's no interest in a PTA, so Lizze and myself will be working directly with the school. Hopefully, others will join at some point but no one showed up on Wednesday. What's really cool is that Emmett and Elliott are involved in this. It helps the have a sense of ownership in the school and learn some behind the scenes stuff. As I mentioned, it was just myself, Emmett and the principal on Wednesday. Lizze was home with Gavin and Elliott because Elliott had come home from school not feeling well. Otherwise, they would have been there as well. One of the things we're working on right now is…


So Proud

I want to take a second and share how proud of Elliott I am right now. I'm always proud of my kids but sometimes they even surprise me and I find myself even more deeply impressed. Today is one such day.. ☺ On the way home from school today, Elliott was upset because he was given homework over the weekend. The whole class was given homework, not just Elliott, but he's still upset. Anyway, without having to be asked, bribed, chased after, fought or otherwise forced, he came home, and began his homework. I'm not sure I've ever seen this from him. I'm absolutely impressed and frankly, quite relieved. I was dreading the homework battle this weekend and now I don't have to worry about it.. ☺ Elliott, I'm super…

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I met with the principal after my son was stabbed several times with a sharpened pencil

While I was waiting to pick the kids up from school today, I made it a point to sit down with the principal and express my concerns in regards to Emmett being stabbed multiple times with a sharpened pencil yesterday. I know the kid responsible for this assault, for lack of a better word. He's not a bad kid and this is very much out of character for him. This is a school for kids with various special needs like Autism, ADHD and others. As an experienced Special Needs Parent, I know that there is probably more going in beneath the surface here, especially considering how out of character this behavior was for this kid. I don't believe this was maliciously done. It sounds like this kid was goofing around…


My son was stabbed multiple times with a sharpened pencil at school today

I was waiting for the boys to be dismissed from school, as I do every day. About thirty minutes before dismissal, Emmett's teacher came out to let me know that one of his fellow classmates had stabbed him in the hand with a sharpened pencil. His teacher explained that this classmate was having a rough day and a difficult time controlling himself. I can can honestly understand that because I live with three kids that can have the same problems. This kid stabbed Emmett in the hand, shoulder, wrist, and leg with a sharpened pencil. His hand was the worst as the skin was broken and it bled. There is a pencil scratch on his wrist, as well as marks on his shoulder and leg. Emmett is okay but doesn't…


We have a parent meeting at the school in regards to safety

Heading out to a school/parent meeting in regards to school safety and a few other things. I'm not sure how long this is going to last or how many parents will actually show up, but we're going to be there. Historically, not many parents show up to these meetings but I'm hoping that in light of all that's happened in recent weeks, we have a good turnout. The only way we can make sure our kids have the safest educational experience possible, is to be actively involved and helping any way we can. My hope is that the changes we already know about, in conjunction with those we'll learn about tonight, will go a long way towards ensuring a safe, secure school building.


A significant increase in security at my kids school today

The boys did awesome this morning. They got ready for school and out the door with very little effort, at least compared to what it's been like recently. I took them to school and when I dropped them off, I noticed a major change at the door. Every child is scanned for metal objects prior to entering. This is totally new and I was sorta taken a back by this at first but then I was forced to remember the reasons behind this. I'm angry that something like this is necessary but I'm grateful that the proper precautions are being taken in order to help insure the safety and we'll being of our kids. So far, there have been several changes within the school to address possible safety concerns. I…


Morning meltdowns are so exhausting

This morning was a bit on the rougher side of shitty. Emmett really struggled with his stomach and was extremely upset because he didn't feel good but he also didn't want to miss school. He struggled with this so much that he ended up melting down. We decided to have him stay home because he truly wasn't feeling well and maybe we could get him to school a bit later in the day. I took Elliott to school but stopped at Walgreens because he decided at the last minute that he wanted to bring Valentines to school. While I was there, Lizze called and said Emmett basically wanted to try going to school. We turned around and claimed Emmett before making our way to the school. It's important to understand…


When #Autism truly breaks your heart

During therapy tonight, we spoke with Emmett about his tummy aches. He wasn't super forthcoming, which doesn't surprise me. We asked him if anything was bothering him because sometimes that can cause a tummy ache. The way we word things is critical to communicating with Emmett. He's so incredibly literal, it's very difficult to talk to him sometimes. By sometimes, I really mean most of the time. It's one of the things that makes Emmett, Emmett. Over the years we've figured out ways to work around these obstacles when we can't work through them. Unfortunately, if there's even the slightest emotional charge to a conversation, it's often a lost cause. It's becomes a live to fight another day kinda thing. When we spoke with him tonight, Lizze, myself and Dr.…