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I’m feeling like this Summer is full of promise and that is inspired by a pretty good end to the long weekend

Considering some of the challenges I faced this weekend, it may seem like I’ve dropped my basket but there’s some very positive things going on and I’m looking forward

For the first time since he lost his immune system 

This has never happened before

I don’t care if this is normal sibling stuff or #Autism related because either way I’m at the end of my rope

I know it’s been a long weekend for them but OMG, all the bullshit just makes life harder.

Emmett’s having such a very hard time right now

Decoding my son with #Autism

Fun at our Memorial Day family cookout 

Here’s a little random video from our weekend fun… ☺

This hasn’t happened in a really, really, really long time

It’s been forever since I’ve actually been able to do this and it was amazing

Isolation is something that can be difficult to avoid for many #Autism families

Here’s what I’m doing to help the boys and I avoid isolation

We built a dig box for our ferrets for under $8 

I did a really fun project with the boys tonight and it went over pretty well.. Come over and check out the video… ☺