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#Autism, the teenage years and personal hygiene

In a pleasant turn of events, we have a problem that actually falls into the normal range. Gavin’s going to be 14 this January and thanks to that little thing called puberty, he’s got a mustache. Gavin’s very proud of his mustache  and I understand that.  However, I also sorta think it needs to be …

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The chronically ill child

Lizze and I have been talking talking today about Gavin and his health. This situation has become so complicated.  Our journey has taken many unexpected turns and we are left with almost zero visibility. Knowing the right thing to do in even the simplest of situations can be very difficult and have very, very real …

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Do you ever get really frustrated with your special needs kids?

Today I find myself really, really frustrated with Gavin. I know it’s not really his fault but it’s frustrating nonetheless.  Without going into details, I will say that Gavin clogged the toilet so bad this morning, that it took a bottle of drano and 7 hours of plunging to fix.  As I said, I’ll spare …

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General Update

Everyone is doing pretty well today, with the exception of Lizze. She’s no having a good day at all. Right now she’s resting, Gavin’s sleeping and the boys and I are finishing up lunch.  This is our last weekend before school starts.  Elliott is very resistant to returning to school and it’s causing some behavioral …

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Operation Hope: As hope is running out we turn to John’s Hopkins

I promised that I would share how Gavin’s doing and what our next move is going to be. Explaining how Gavin’s doing isn’t a simple task because we don’t really know how he’s doing. I know that probably sounds really weird but that’s the truth. I suppose I could say that he says he’s okay, …

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Thank you @AkronChildrens and everyone else

I wanted to let you all know that we have e made it home, safe and sound.  Before getting into how Gavin s doing and our plans going forward, I was to take a second and thank everyone.  I was to thank Akron Children’s Hospital and all their amazing staff, for taking such good care …

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