My frigging treadmill finally died this morning

It figures that something like this would happen, especially on a Monday.

I was going to use the treadmill this morning because it’s pretty cold outside now and I try to do 3, 20 minutes sessions a day on there. 

This morning, when it turned on, there’s a really loud grinding/ticking noise that’s never been there before. 

I can’t see what’s causing …

I’ll take victories anyway I can get them

I’ve got to do Gavin’s IVIG infusion today.  The last few times its gone really well. 

He’s still able to receive it in his belly area, rather than his thighs and that makes him happy. 

I believe the average time for each infusion has a little over an hour lately, start to finish.  That’s a world of improvement over the …

How To Make the Holidays Fun For All The Family

How To Make the Holidays Fun For All The Family


A Guest Post

With decorations hanging in the malls and Christmas commercials already on TV, the holidays are here again. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect times to get the family together, not all families have the luck of living in the same state, country, or even hemisphere, and it …

The Invisible Weight Carried By #Autism Parents

Without transparency, this site and my mission would lose its purpose.  Transparency allows you to gain better insight into what’s going on, not only in my life but also inside my head.


textgram (2)

I think that sometimes, people take that transparency and apply meaning to it that I never intended.

I’m having a hard time sleeping again tonight …

Amazing Art by a kid named Gavin

I wanted to share another piece of Gavin’s artwork.  This is a freehand sketch by a kid with tremors in his hands so bad that he has a rough time eating with a utensil.

He’s come such a long way and his ability to draw just keeps getting better and better.



This site is managed almost exclusively from my

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