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Our summer is NOT getting off in the right foot

I don’t know what the deal is, but both Elliott and Emmett are not doing well. Health-wise they’re fine, but emotionally they’re like two freight trains ready to derail at any moment.  Maybe the transition to summer break was harder on them than it typically has been in the past? Maybe it’s related to the …

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We had 4 MAJOR #Autism related hurdles to overcome this morning 

Lizze and I had an interesting night. We realized at about midnight, that the boys actually have school today. For some reason I had it stuck in my chronically sleep deprived brain, that they didn’t go back until Tuesday..  That realization sent us into a panic because there are very specific things that absolutely must …

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It’s been a really rough morning

Today began way to early because Emmett climbed into our bed after a bad dream and essentially banished me.   A bit later, he moved back to his room but then to the hallway where he likes to sit and play his tablet.   The next thing that I know, he was delivering a message …

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Feeling quite overwhelmed by my three kids on the #Autism Spectrum today and here’s why

The boys are out of control today.  It’s like every single one of their proclivities are in full affect. I’d swear it was a full moon and I don’t even know if I believe that the Moon can impact people in that manner. Gavin is off fighting a battle in another Universe and he seems …

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I cut my foot on a f*ucking this morning but aside from that I have some pretty awesome things to share

I cut the heel of my left foot pretty back by stepping on freaking Lego


That’s being said and as frustrating as this was, I do admire his tenacity.

I just woke up to Gavin crying

I ran into Gavin’s room, expecting the worst……..

I have to bend with the wind or get ripped out by the roots

Things don’t often go my way and I’ve had to modify approach to life in order to survive it…