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Feeling quite overwhelmed by my three kids on the #Autism Spectrum today and here’s why

Share9 Buffer6 Pin2 +12 Share1 Tweet1 RedditShares 21The boys are out of control today.  It’s like every single one of their proclivities are in full affect. I’d swear it was… Read more »



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That’s being said and as frustrating as this was, I do admire his tenacity.


I just woke up to Gavin crying

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I ran into Gavin’s room, expecting the worst……..


I have to bend with the wind or get ripped out by the roots

Things don’t often go my way and I’ve had to modify approach to life in order to survive it…


So here’s what I’ve been incessantly doing this morning

This is one of the things that can make Autism Parenting so freaking exhausting… Take a look and see if this same principle applies to anything in your life…….


Shit….. So this just happened :(

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So today is rapidly going downhill and it’s going to be really challenging to make everything happen. Here’s what happened….


Look at the picture and see if you can determine why I don’t sleep well

“…….Knowing that words would never do this justice, I grabbed my phone off my nightstand, snapped a quick picture……” Read More


Let me tell you about the kind of day I’m having

It’s been one of those day where I just can’t win for trying and I wanted to share just one example with you.