I cut my foot on a f*ucking this morning but aside from that I have some pretty awesome things to share

Being an Autism parent is exhausting but that doesn’t mean it’s always unpleasant or without joy.  The truth is that Autism parenting will always be challenging but it’s also full of amazing experiences as well. 

Gavin and Emmett spent most of today at my parents house, rebuilding the clubhouse with their Grandpa, uncle and cousin. 

I went over in the morning but wasn’t much help because on the way out of my bedroom this morning, I stepped on a Lego (barefoot) and it tore a hole in my heel.… Read More


OMG….. The only way to explain just how frustrating this morning was…

I’m completely exhausted as a result of wrangling Emmett all morning.  He was running around licking everyone.  No that’s not a typo.  He was actually licking everything and everyone. 

This didn’t go over well with anyone and caused a shit ton of chaos and subsequent fighting. 

That’s being said and as frustrating as this was, I do admire his tenacity.  He didn’t give up until he licked everyone at least once. 

imageRead More

I just woke up to Gavin crying

With all the stress from the past 4 or 5 days, I’m having a hard time sleeping tonight.  I did eventually fall asleep and it feels like the moment I did, I was awoken by the sound of Gavin crying.

I ran into his room, expecting to see him puking or feeling like he needed to. 

When I got him settled down enough to tell me what was wrong, it turns out he’s feeling okay but had some how punched himself in the eye, while sleeping. 

WTF….  How does that even happen???… Read More

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