Do you know how much time, energy and repetition goes into being an #Autism parent?

When you’re an Autism parent,  you very quickly realize that your life will include ungodly amounts of repetition.  Your child on the Autism Spectrum may be one who seems to like repetitive behaviors like, asking the same question over and over again.  Maybe it’s watching the same part of a movie, over and over again.  You get the point.

One of the toughest parts for me is that I have to constantly repeat instructions or directions, especially to Gavin.

There are some things that Gavin picks up very quickly, and then there are others, such as personal hygiene and interpersonal skills, that he just doesn’t.

We’ve made progress but it’s been an exhaustive process, and a large portion of this progress has only recently been made.image

One of the things that I keep having to go over and over again with him are things involving his personal appearance.  Things like shaving (yes I know…he’s already fucking shaving, and I’m feeling really old) brushing his teeth and cleaning his face are a daily struggle.

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I’m so proud of him because he takes the initiative to shave every couple of days, but when he shaves, he leaves behind patches of his mustache or beard (it’s not a beard yet, but it’s coming). While I don’t personally care, I’m trying to get him to be a bit more diligent when it comes to his appearance.

Gavin’s doing a lot more on his own, and in some cases, that means that he’s interacting with the public.

If he doesn’t get reminded of these things, he will walk into therapy with the pieces of his mustache left unshaven and poking through the toothpaste all over his mouth.  Things also collect on his front teeth as a result of his lacking enamel, and it can get kinda gross when he talks.


I don’t want him getting embarrassed or frustrated by having some insensitive asshole saw something or make fun of him. I’d rather him hear from me so that we can work on it together.

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I’m working on check sheets for bathroom time and things to do before leaving the house or his bedroom.

Again, he’s come so far but there are still a great many things left to work on, and I’m happy to do so.  It’s just a shit load of constant repetition, and that gets old, for both of us.  That said, nothing worth having ever comes easy….

I think it’s important to highlight how much time and effort, on the parts of both a parent and a child, that goes into making even baby steps forward.  Baby steps aren’t something to just sluff off either. Those baby steps are progress, and any progress is a cause for celebration.

I always make it a point to celebrate any progress that’s made because it’s a painstaking process at times and many hours, days, months or even years, have gone into those steps forward.  Don’t be afraid to brag about your kid’s progress.  It’s something many of us can relate to, and it can provide hope for many people… ☺

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Kim Gebhardt

I’m curious, does he not look to see if he’s clean-shaven with no toothpaste left behind or does he just not care? I would imagine shaving a face is difficult for someone with good manual dexterity, and aren’t Gavin’s movements somewhat jerky at times?

Rob Gorski

I think it’s a general lack of self-awareness.. He just doesn’t pay attention or notice.. As far as the shaving goes, he has a new electric razor that makes it pretty easy. I don’t think it’s a dexterity thing but I obviously could be wrong. It’s been known to happen.. ☺