Family Time: I took the boys on an awesome hike today (pt1 with pictures)

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Being an isn’t easy.  I’m pretty sure I’ve covered that many times already but in case you missed all those posts, isn’t easy.  Great, now we’re all on the same page, we can move forward.  ☺

I’ve learned over the years that while I can’t control what my kids like and don’t like, I can have a smidgen of influence, if I frame everything in a certain way.  In other words, it’s all the presentation.

It’s been tough to get the boys motivated to walk the track.   does awesome but and Emmett haven’t really wanted anything to do with it for awhile now.

One lap around the track is 1.51 miles.

Trying to get them to make it one time around, more often than not ends with me carrying Emmett in my shoulders. 

Today I wanted to take advantage of the truly beautiful day, to get both myself and the boys some exercise. Rather than say we are going to walk the track, I decided to frame it a bit differently and make it sound really exciting.

I told them that we were going to go on a really exciting hike and there would be places they’ve never seen before.  That got then really excited about going.  I’m not going to lie, I did somehow end up agreeing to pizza for dinner if they made it all the way through.  😁

We ended up having an amazing adventure that took us a total of 2.35 miles.

That’s almost a full mile further than the one time around the track that we always struggle with.

I’m so proud of my guys and they are already asking to do this again tomorrow.  ☺

In part 1 of this post, you can check out all the from the first half of our 1 hour and 12 minute hike.  I got a ton of pictures of the boys having fun and you just might even see a smile on Elliott’s face as well. I’ve also got pictures that will be featured on my feed but you’ll see them here first…  ☺

Click here for part 2


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