Serious Question: How would you react if your child came home from school with an injury like this 

Elliott came home from school and was telling me about how he got hurt this afternoon.  They were playing tag and he says he was pushed from behind by a kid who he has a love/hate relationship.  

The background doesn’t really matter but I guess it sorta does in a way. 

Begin Background…… 

Elliott’s is a stickler for rules …

We went 12 hours without power today and here’s what happened

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s been a really weird day because we were without power for almost 12 hours.  In fact, it only just now came back on.  During that 12 hour window of time, I was completely cutoff from the world because without WiFi, my phone has no data and can’t make or receive reliable calls.  T-mobile needs to get …

Elliott woke up screaming and you will never guess why

It’s 3am and I’m startled awake by Elliott screaming in absolute panic, that he’s blind. The poor kid is screaming for help because he can no longer get see anything.  

The moment I wake up, I realize the problem and reassure him that he’s not blind but instead the power is out.  

Gavin woke up but went right back …

I’m feeling like this Summer is full of promise and that is inspired by a pretty good end to the long weekend

It’s been a pretty awesome weekend, at least in the big picture.  The boys got to spend time with their Mom and I got to sleep.  We even got to spend time with my family and have a great cookout.  

Tonight the boys and I had a pizza and movie night, at Emmett’s request.

We watched the movie Pixels

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