Everyone’s adjusting pretty well to having their Mom move back home :) 

I tried so hard to write this all last night but I fell asleep before 9pm. I was completely exhausted from a full day of nonstop parenting stuff.  

Having my wife move back home after nearly 2 years is an overwhelmingly positive thing for all of us. At the same time though, it’s an enormous change and one that requires adjustment. 

I’m used to doing everything on my own and now that’s not necessary. 

The boys seem to be adjusting well or at least I’m not seeing anything negative from them. Gavin’s doing great and loves the fact that his Mom is home. 

Still, it’s a big change and one that will take a bit of time to fully adjust to.  

Everything’s going well and it’s pretty surreal to finally have my family whole once again. 

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