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Keeping true with the story of our lives, today hasn’t gone as planned. We were supposed to be at the Cleveland Clinic for a follow-up appointment with the epilepsy center in regards to Gavin’s recent EEG.

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling well this morning and driving that distance would not be responsible of me to do. We already know the EEG was fine and this was more of a technicality but it was still important to us.

Aside from not feeling well, we also have the more pressing issue of the car. It’s getting easier and easier to share what isn’t wrong with the car because the list of problems continue to grow. It’s no longer worth fixing but at the same time, we don’t have another option. Making the needed repairs, in order to keep the car safe to drive is an unfortunate and costly necessity.

I’m hoping to get some of those repairs done this week.

If I’m recalling correctly, the front end needs new bearings, ty-rods and suspension. There’s at least one short somewhere because there are electrical failures that keep popping up. The windshield needs replaces, as does the rear window. The bearings and suspension on the back end need replaced as well. The exhaust has rusted through and is making a great deal of noise, as well as venting exhaust fumes underneath the car. Even if the car was in good physical mechanical shape, the kids barely fit in the backseat anymore. That’s just off the top of my head.

The reality is, we aren’t in a position to get a new car and like many families, we have to make due until we can.

I wrote awhile back about the sacrifices many Autism parents have to make in order to meet their kids physical and emotional needs. Sometimes that sacrifice is to financial security because life is so challenging that financial stability has to become a back burner issue. I know so many people who’ve had to make similar decisions and it’s not easy.

Anyway, we’re on the cancelation list for a sooner appointment.

As unfortunate as it is to have to reschedule this appointment, Gavin’s not having a good morning this will likely work out to be the best thing we could have done. I don’t really want to take Gavin anywhere when he’s having days like today. I’ll explain more on that a bit later.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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It sounds like the car is on it’s last legs. Do you have a plan for when it dies?

As an aside are there laws about old cars in the US? I’m interested as in Australia you need to prove it’s roadworthy before being able to renew your registration. Not as a judgement just interested how it works elsewhere.

Becky Rogers Wiren

I’m wondering. With all that is wrong is it even cost effective to fix it? I don’t know how much fixing your car is going to cost. But it sounds like it’s on its last legs and woefully inadequate even if running better.

My son bought a used Nissan Exterra last year for around $3500. It’s had some problems since but fortunately, he is saving his money. I don’t know how much your car will take to fix but sounds like it is only worth having it done the cheapest way, by a friend or family member who doesn’t cost much.

BTW, there are shortcomings to this commenting system. I get emails informing me there is a comment. But I don’t know which post or even what comment. Also the email says to reply and when I replied with these concerns, the email bounced. If there was a LINK in the email to the exact post and comment that I could click on like other blogs use, it would be great. FYI


Unless you have the money for a new car, the one you have is always worth fixing. Problems or not, if it runs and you need a car you have to keep fixing it.

Most of the problems seem manageable and I’m sure your mechanic can list them in priority order and work backwards on the list.

Btw, this isn’t advice…it’s just the reality of car ownership

kimmy gebhardt

Okay, I have to ask… why didn’t you address the situation with the car with your tax money? I know you probably can’t buy a new car with it, but surely some of those problems could have been taken care of.

kimmy gebhardt

I knew I was likely to offend you with that question, but I honestly asked because the crack in your windshield has been visible in pictures for months (maybe even a full year) and you’ve been mentioning various problems with the car for quite a while now.