#Autism parents aren’t anti-social, we just don’t want to overstimulate our kids with Autism 

One of the biggest Autism parenting challenges I’ve consistently faced, has to do with the how’s and why’s of the decisions I make.  There’s a million decisions that I have to make on any given day as an Autism parent that will only make sense to other Autism parents.

It’s important to understand that even people who have the best of intentions and are otherwise absolutely supportive, still have a very difficult time understanding the driving force behind the decisions I have make.

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There’s one situation in particular that seems to be the most challenging for people to understand and that has to do with our ability to attend functions.

This is the type of situation that leads to many misunderstandings between us and our family or friends.

Here’s the reality of the situation.

Choosing not to attend a family function has very little to do with not wanting to be there and that’s the part that is so hard to help people understand.

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