Simplifying the way my family deals with medications

When Lizze moved back home, she brought with her some new ways of doing things.  Not all of these new ways made the cut (lol) but of those that did, there’s one that stands at the head of the class.  

After our separation, Lizze had to switch pharmacies because she no longer lived within close proximity of the one we had used for many years.  

When she made the change to a new pharmacy, she chose a really good one and they offer a free service that takes all your medications and doses them out into litte packets. They get divided into morning, afternoon and bedtime.  

We just finished the process of transferring all our family’s prescriptions and setting them up on this new service.  

Gone are the days of dosing out meds manually.  I never had a problem doing that but it was a pain in the ass, especially with Gavin’s medications.  
Not only are they packaged into individual doses but they are delivered to our door, in a single box (one for each person) as well.  We don’t have to have tons of medicine bottles anymore and that will be awesome.  

I’ve known this was possible for awhile now but was hesitant due to the seriousness of Gavin’s medications and the red tape surrounding at least one of them.  I didn’t think they would be able to work with that but it turns out they can.  It turns out they can actually do a better, more reliable job than our current pharmacy who only has to fill the bottles. 

The boys will begin this new process during the first week of July and I’ll start in a few days.  Timing has to do with refills and insurance. 

Anyway, I’m pretty excited because this will make that particular area of our lives a whole lot simpler.  When you’re already overworked and underpaid, you learn to take advantage of things like this that come along and present you with a chance to simplify things a little bit. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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