Why #Autism Awareness is still failing in 2016

Disclaimer: I want to make sure that you understand that I’m not criticizing anyone who may choose to support the Light it Up Blue campaign. Everyone must do what they feel is right for themselves and their families. If you do what you feel in your heart is best, you can’t go wrong…at least in my book.

April is here once again and we’re kicking off another Autism Awareness month. In the past I would get all excited about what this month meant but as time and reality set in, I’ve realized that April is really just another month.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see the world interested in the lives of people and families touched by Autism but are they really, interested that is? Is it really about people with Autism and their families? Is it really?

Here’s one of the biggest reasons I no longer get excited about Autism Awareness month.

Rather than working together to accomplish great things for the people and families impacted by Autism, the entire month becomes a money grab for Autism organizations that in some cases, have lost touch with the very people they’re supposed to be helping.


Autism Awareness month should be a time when we come together as a community to help the world better understand what life with Autism is like for both the person directly impacted and their families or caregivers.

Instead of humanizing Autism and helping people better understand or relate, we’re screwing in blue light bulbs.  How exactly does illuminating a skyscraper with blue lights, help a family struggling with Autism? How exactly does a blue light bulb help people understand what Autism is?

I suppose, you could learn what Autism is like through the eyes of a multimillion dollar organization who has all but completely alienated the very people they’re supposed to be helping.

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