Today is really testing this #Autism Dad's resolve and ability to cope with insane levels of stress -

Today is really testing this #Autism Dad’s resolve and ability to cope with insane levels of stress

For starters, Autism and ADHD are absolutely kicking my ass up one side of the street and down another.  The boy’s Adderall doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than taking up space in the medicine cabinet. 

Both boys have absolutely no impulse control today and I swear to God I’m slowly going out of my mind.  

After dinner, Lizze and I are planning in taking them on a short hike or just to the playground, so they can get some wiggles out.  

I’m not entirely sure how smart it is to take them out when they’re in the particular place because safety is always a concern. At the same time, they may just need a constructive outlet for the energy and if we provide that for them, the evening might go a whole lot better than today went. 

The unpleasant reality is that I’m running on empty and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. 

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