Does your kid with #Autism freak out when they have the hiccups? 

I forgot to ask about this last night, so I thought I would do it now.  I ask this be a use I genuinely want to know.  

Gavin came home last night from the graduation party, sorta discombobulated for a really strange reason. He had the hiccups. 

When Gavin got into the house, it was like he was being tortured because he was so dramatic in regards to having the hiccups.  

It’s tough to tell with him sometimes because I don’t know of how much is actual discomfort and how much is drama.  

I suspect that hiccups are quite unpleasant when you have a sensory processing disorder and that’s why Gavin was acting the way he was. 

Does anyone else see this kind of reaction to something as seemingly simple as hiccups, when it comes to your kids with Autism.? 

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  • Annalisa says:

    I have ASD and my hiccups hurt really badly, my whole body jerks like I have a strong cough, and it hurts both my chest and my throat. It is very frustrating because hiccups just come for no reason and then leave for no reason, it’s a repetitive pain that we can’t make stop.

  • Avia Batya says:

    They drive me fucking crazy and are often intense enough that my whole body bucks. Have him pour something carbonated straight down his throat if it happens again.