Is #Autism parenting and sleep mutually exclusive?

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Another night of no sleep for this Autism Dad. For some God forsaken reason, Emmett just isn’t falling asleep at night. 

For the past two nights, Emmett hasn’t been falling asleep until way, way, way past his bedtime. 

Last night he was up until 2:30 am and tonight he finally gave up and passed out around 1:30 am. Unfortunately, that only happened because we have camped out in the living room.


Last night I was on the couch as well because Emmett finally fell asleep in our bed and we were afraid to even think about moving him. 

I’m hoping to sleep a bit more tonight…..a lot more.. Even a little more would be awesome. 

The couch sucks because it’s falling apart and I’m a good 6 inches taller than the couch is long.  That being said, at least sleep is possible, even if it’s uncomfortable.. ☺️

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