I’m pretty sure this is not a good thing

Unfortunately, Emmett’s beloved tablet has passed away. Apparently, it’s not good when this little piece of metal breaks off and falls out of the charging port.  😔

He’s had this tablet for a few years but he’s handling it pretty well, all things considered. 

We’re currently trying to work out at least a temporary replacement, as his tablet was a lifeline for him.

How many of you understand just how bad it is when your child with has a tablet that breaks? It’s horrible and I don’t think most people understand what it’s like for a child on the (or their families) to lose their precious tablet. O_o


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  • Moe

    A couple years? Who just got the new one in the spring that you had to do all of the modifications to?

    • Oh yeah… I never talked about that. You’re talking about the kindle fire that Emmett got when his old tablet stopped working. Unfortunately, the kindle fire was one of those things where you get what you pay for.

      It was a piece of junk after a few weeks.

      I was able to get his old tablet back up and running but the charging port actually broke now and so there’s no coming back.

    • Sorry for the confusion, I never talked about what happened to his tablet….

  • an Autistic adult

    Once dropped my tablet while walking around the mall, was too overwhelmed and lost my grip on it trying to put it in my pocket. Slipped out of my hands, hit the corner on the tile floor, instantly cracked the screen and spider-webbed it. Broke down crying right then and there and I’m not even a child – I’m 25. My tablet is my lifeline as well. It’s my communication, it’s my notepad, it’s my memory, it’s my connection to the only friends I’ve managed to connect with online.
    (I was beyond lucky and grateful that the friends I was with pitched in to buy me another one that same day, since there was a best buy just a few stores’ walk down that held the same tablet. Found a ‘life proof’ case for it and have been using the same one ever since).

    • I’m so sorry that happened. I totally understand because my kids are the same way. For that matter, I’d be devastated if I broke mine. It’s my lifeline and my entire life is on it.

      I’m so happy your friends help you out.

      I truly appreciate you sharing your experience because it helps others better understand.. ☺