I have good news and I have bad news

Monday is a big day for us.  It’s a big day because we will hear back about what we are going to do as far as Gavin’s current psychotic break, at least hopefully. 

Gavin’s still hallucinating and that makes this psychotic break roughly a month old.  That’s a best guess because it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s going on if he hides it from us.  

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If it goes on long enough, it’s gets harder and harder for him to hide it from us.  He knows that this is a problem.  He doesn’t want to worry us or risk having to go to the hospital for stabilization.  

Anyway, we should hopefully hear something today.  

Another reason today is a special day is because it’s Lizze’s birthday.  ☺ 

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Not only is it Lizze’s birthday but it’s the first birthday since she moved back home and so I get to celebrate with her.  I wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday last year because of the separation but I’m really excited. 

Lizze has class today but the boys and I are going to spend the day getting ready for her birthday dinner.  ☺ 

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I think we’re going to cook on the grill, as that’s what she wants.  

I’m hoping that we all have a good day and I hope that Lizze is able to be as pain free as possible…. ☺