We made some awesome progress today

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We’ve spent the majority of the day so far, cleaning and straighting up. My Mom came over to help and I think we’re pretty much done.  There’s a few things left to do but nothing major.

Gavin’s slept for most of the afternoon thus far.  That’s a bit strange and makes me wonder if he’s sleeping well at night.  Normally he’ll take a nap for about an hour or so after taking his morning meds but today he was out for several hours.

I’ll have to go back and check my alerts to see how many times he got up last night. I know of several times for sure but he seemed to go right back to bed.

Anyway, he slept for awhile today.

textgram_1469560268Emmett spent hours and hours just laying in his bed, watching shows.  That never happens and my guess is that he’s still recovering from yesterday and is drained from the experience. He’s been in a good mood this afternoon and that’s a positive change from the shitty mood he was in this morning.

Elliott has blown my mind for the second day in a row. He was such a huge help when it came to cleaning the living room. One of his favorite things to do is clean out the couches.  He did a fantastic job and I’m so proud of him. 

Lizze and I are both beat.

I’m hanging out on the newly cleaned off loveseat in our dining room, writing and trying to stay awake.  Lizze is in the living room with the boys, watching a show and writing herself.

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We still have Dr. Pattie tonight,  as well a meeting with Gavin’s insurance case manager.

I have no idea about dinner because that seems so far away and it’s such a challenge anymore, for a number of reasons.  I don’t have a lot of energy or options right now.

As far as the house goes, I still need to touch up the bathroom and scrub down the stove. Maybe mop the kitchen and that’s about it.  We made amazing progress today and I’m looking forward to being done with all of this stuff.

  • Erica Milam says:

    I love when you write longer blog entries 🙂

  • Erica Milam says:

    I love when you write longer blog entries 🙂