The crew from @vivintgivesback flew out to spend the day with the @the_autism_dad family and it was awesome

Today was amazing.  For those tardy to the party, the crew from Vivint Gives Back, flew all the way from Utah to spend the day with my family.

There was a great deal of stress and anxiety leading up to this, simply because trying to get the house presentable can present many challenges.  I don’t need to explain that to many of you because you face many of the same daily challenges we do.

The team from Vivint arrived on time and our day was soon underway.

To put things simply, they were here to film a documentary or sorts, featuring both myself and my family.  This was done for a few reasons, but the biggest and most important were to raise awareness for Autism, as well as for the Vivint Gives Back Project.

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I wasn’t sure how the kids were going to handle all of this attention, but they did amazing.

I think they did so well because of how they were treated and sorta handled by our friends from Vivint. Our kids are awesome, but at the same time, they’re challenging to work with. They are easily overwhelmed and frustrated, especially in new situations.

The Vivint crew interacted with the boys in such a kind, understanding, patient and respectful way.  All the boys felt so special because they were each interviewed and individually focused on.

The film crew spent a great deal of time just hanging out with the kids and playing with Maggie and the ferrets. Gavin was able to endlessly talk about his Legos and was able to show off his sketches as well.  It was so cool to see him smile.

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A large part of the focus was on me, my writing, this blog and what it’s like to be a parent to three boys diagnosed with Autism.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The @VivintGivesBack crew flew into Canton and hung out with @the_autism_dad family for the day” quote=”We talked about how we can use the security and home automation that Vivint provides families like mine, to improve our lives”].

At lunch time, they took us all out to eat; anywhere we wanted to go.  Gavin wanted Wendy’s, while Elliott and Emmett wanted McDonald’s.  It was explained to them that they could pick any restaurant they wanted and we would go.  That’s not something available to us very often, and so the boys eventually agreed on Golden Corral. lol
We finished up about mid-afternoon and sadly said goodbye to our new friends from Utah.

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It’s been a rather uneventful summer, but this was such a positive and memorable experience, that the boys have been saying it was the best day of their lives… ☺ 💙

I’ll share tons more when it’s time, but for now,  I took a ton of pictures and wanted to share them with all of you.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Kevin, Holly and the rest of the Vivint Gives Back crew for all the memories and amazing experiences we had today.  The kids had such an amazing time, as did both Lizze and I.  It was so nice to finally meet you in person. Thank you for treating my family with kindness, understanding, and respect.