A day of total craziness begins

Today is really going to be a busy one. It’s pretty much nonstop until bedtime…

Here’s what’s on the agenda for today:

1) Take the boys to school
2) has physical therapy
3) Back to the to drop off lunches
4) conference call about another potential partnership
5) Back to the school to pick Emmett up
6) Emmett has physical and and Gavin has speech therapy
7) Take Emmett to get new shoes
8) Pick up from my parents house
9) All three boys have Dr. Pattie after picking Elliott up
10) Homework/Dinner
11) Bedtime

It’s already a bit overwhelming but I somehow alwaysake it work…. ☺


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  • Pappy

    Why do you have to drop off lunches? Don’t they take them with them in the mornings?

    • Normally they do, however with all that happened yesterday, I forgot to get pizza. The only thing they’ll eat in their lunch is Little Ceasars pizza. It was an oversight, otherwise I wouldn’t have to make the trip…

      Thank You, https://www.theautismdad.com

  • I’m going to try this for the 3rd time…
    How is Gavin’s PT going? I know he makes you stay in the car but I’m assuming you’ve spoken with his therapist. Hopefully he’s making progress.

    What is the new partnership about? I LOATHE conference calls.

    • I saw you signed up yesterday and once you’ve signed up, all you ever have to do now is just reply to the email you get and the comment posts..

      I touch base with his therapist but he’s doing really well. Essentially, he’s strength training but they also work on his balance as well. Speech is where there’s a challenge but he’s giving it his all.

      The partnership is in relation to an app that’s designed for families. It helps them to identify friendly places to eat etc.

      I get approached by people all the time for things like this but I’m pretty selective because not everyone’s in it for the right reasons.. This seems like a really good thing and I’m anxious to learn more about it..

      Thank You, https://www.theautismdad.com

      • Kim

        It keeps asking me to sign in and won’t let me post without giving my name and email. Right now, I can’t see these comments on my computer, they only show up on my phone.

        • Kim,

          All you have to do is literally just reply to the emails you get about comments.
          That’s how this works. I just got an email with your comment and I simply replied to your email…

          Thank You, Rob Gorski https://www.theautismdad.com

          • Kim

            Oh. That’s an email account I never check. I use it for FB only because it’s so spammy.