Congratulations Mr. Emmett, I’m so proud of you

I want to take a minute and call attention to Mr. Emmett’s accomplishments today.  He graduated from his 6 week Functional Independence Group today.  

He had such a great time and made some awesome new friends. 

There were some really important things he learned during the last 6 weeks, most of which he refuses to apply to his life but I know he knows them.  Lol

That being said, Lizze and I are so proud of him.  More importantly, he’s proud of himself.  ☺️

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4 Comments on "Congratulations Mr. Emmett, I’m so proud of you"

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Jimmy Rock

So what exactly was this class? Like a group OT class? Can you give an example of the type of thing that were either taught in the class or what the theme or goal of the class was?

Rob Gorski

It was sort of a social group, that focused on things like time management, Social interaction, bullying, dealing with amd managing emotions.

Things like that. They did physical and Occupational therapies inside of this as well.

Does any of this make sense?

Jimmy Rock

Yeah, makes a lot of sense, thanks. I think those types of classes are great in the group setting, particularly when you have kids who have varying challenges. Great for kids to see that they aren’t the only ones who struggle with certain of these issues.

Rob Gorski

Thanks Jimmy.. This is such a cool program..