I turned Emmett’s therapy into a chance for one on one time with Elliott

Elliott decided he wanted to go with me to take Emmett to his last day of Functional Independence Group…  I was hesitant because Elliott doesn’t do well having to wait and I’m already stressed out enough.  

Lizze stayed back with Gavin because he’s asleep…. 

While Elliott and I were waiting, I thought it might be nice to walk over to the Dunkin Donuts next door and grab a quick snack.  I saw this as an opportunity to spend some special time with Mr. Elliott.. ☺ 

It was a really good time and it made Elliott’s day.  We had pretzel twists and some orange juice.  

We have to keep it a secret from Emmett because he’ll freak out but he’s getting some special things at therapy today, so it evens out.  🙂 

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