I just can’t catch a break

I just can’t catch a break at this point. 

Thankfully, Emmett fell asleep and is still sleeping. Unfortunately, shortly after he fell asleep, woke up and after trying for awhile to go back asleep, we moved downstairs to the living room. 

It’s about 5am and he’s still stuck in awake mode.  

At this point, what’s point in going to sleep now, even if I could?

I’m so tired that I’m not even tired anymore, if that makes sense to anyone.  

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  • Braden

    I have a question. Why can’t the boys be told they can’t come out of their room until ‘x’ time in the morning? We made that a rule with the ridiculous early wake up time we had with one of mine. Took some practice, but she learned to sit in there until 7am no matter what.

    It seems like something that driven kids would understand and grasp

    • That’s a great method. We have that as well and it’s for 8 am. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help at night.

      • Zoe

        Well that makes no sense. Why not once your in bed you don’t get out until x time?

        • Neither does using two different screen names so you can post ignorant comments and hide behind a.

          For the record, it makes perfect sense if you understand what raising kids with is like.