I’m way too petered out to be doing this today

I’m feeling pretty petered out today. The appointment this morning with Emmett and then being up really late with Gavin, has just killed me.  

In a little bit, I’m going to have to run to the grocery store because I’m assuming we’re all going to want to eat dinner tonight.  If I don’t go, I’m not sure that will be possible..  lol

Gavin will probably want to go with me and I totally appreciate his wanting to help but I’m not sure I’ll be able to deal with his nonstop talking. I’m definitely not up to talking a out his tablet let games right now.  

That being said, I want to encourage his desire to help out and learn more about interacting with society because that will only be of benefit as he gets older.  

Off we go… Wish me luck… ☺ 

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