I feel like I just binge watched a months worth of meltdowns in one day

It was a really rough day with Mr. Emmett.  He was at the dentist this morning and did really well but it was a bumpy ride at first.  You can read about that here

The rest of the day has been a series of one meltdown after another.  

I’ve heard so much screaming today, that even though the house is quiet now, I can still hear it.  

Emmett was in rare form today.  I know he was pushed over the edge this morning by the dentist and it just carried over for the rest of the day. Needless to say, the tone of the day was one of extreme unpleasantness. 

Bedtime was an absolute nightmare.  

I ended up sitting with him until he finally fell asleep.  Too bad he didn’t fall asleep in his own bed but at least he fell asleep.  It only took a really, really long time for 

I’m not sure what else to say.  I’m completely exhausted, my brain is fried and all I want to do is sleep for the next year.  I’m burnt out on meltdowns for now and I just want some peace and quiet. 

I probably won’t see it anytime soon but a Dad can dream right? 

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