It’s time for the bad news

Having shared the good news in the previous post, unfortunately, that leaves only the bad news to share. 

That centers around the fact that it will be early next week before we see the gas turned back on.  Apparently, the medical certificate is still processing and since they don’t work on the weekend, we have to wait until really newest week. 

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While this definitely sucks for a number of reasons, we certainly aren’t relying on it to heat the house.  

This will also make cooking a challenge but we still have a toaster over and the air fryer, with which to prepare meals. Having said that, when isn’t making meals for my kids a challenge? 

All we can do is make the best of a bad situation. Freaking out or beating myself up over all of this, serves no purpose. We do the best we can in life but the truth is, shit happens. 

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