Meltdowns over Minecraft

The boys have really become obsessed with Minecraft lately.  They’ve always loved playing Minecraft but lately, their very focused on building their world’s. 

I suspect that it maybe has to do with having some control over things.  

I get that it’s fun to play an all but I feel like this go a bit beyond that.  I mean, I love playing Minecraft myself. 

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The problem is that they’ve discovered mods and texture packs.

This is leading to so many problems because the mods end up breaking the game and leading to meltdowns. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve told them not to mess with these things but they compulsively do anyway and never seem to learn. 

I just had to go through Emmett’s tablet and remove them file by file.  

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I also realize that they need to learn and breaking their game is a natural consequence but frankly, if they were neurotypical, that would be the right move.  

Kids on the spectrum are so ridged and stuck in their ways, that they just keep doing the same thing over and over again.