What’s your experience with #Autism? 

Everyone knows my experience when it comes to Autism because you’ve been reading about it for eight or nine years now.  

Since Autism is a human condition that varies from person to person, I would never assume to know your personal experience with Autism because I’ve not walked in your shoes.  

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Having said that, I would really like to learn a bit more about my readers. I’d love to know more about your personal experience with Autism. Are you a parent to someone with Autism? Are you Autistic yourself? 

Thanks in advance for sharing anything you’re comfortable with..  ☺  


  1. Rachel G

    I have a much much younger brother with autism, as well as I am a behavior specialist with a masters in psychology. I worked with kids on the spectrum from age 2-21 during my career unfortunately due to my own declining health I am unable to work. I truly miss working with the kiddos on the spectrum and families. Kids in the spectrum are amazing children who people just need to try and understand and give a chance to instead of prejudging what they can or can’t do assume they can do everything so they too shoot for the stars and make the most of the abilities they have. Love reading about your boys and family.

    1. First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your health. My wife struggles with major health issues, as does my oldest. I can sorta relate there.

      I want to thank you for all the work you’ve done for the Autism community. You’re so right about kids on the spectrum.

      I hope your brother is doing well. Thanks so much for stopping by. Please feel free you comment, anytime you feel like it. ☺️

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