How much time do you spend each day worrying about your child with #Autism? 

I’m so overwhelmed by my life sometimes.  There are so many things that I have to juggle and/or balance, each and every day. 

Aside of from the obvious reasons for being overwhelmed, a large part of my day is consumed with worry. I’m not really a worrier by default but when it comes to all the shit that transpires in my life, I’m consumed by worry at times.  

As an parent, I worry about my kids all the time.  I worry about how they’re being treated when I’m not around.  I worry about them being bullied at .  I’m worried that they aren’t happy. I’m worried that my youngest will continue to lose weight because won’t eat. I’m worried that I’m dropping the ball.  

The most haunting worry I have is that I don’t know what would happen to my kids if I died today. 

No parent ever wants to outlive their children but when you’re  a parent, it’s not that cut and dry. 

Everyone says that worrying about the things you have no control over is a waste of time and energy. While in most cases they’re right, when it comes to , there are millions of things to worry about, that most people wouldn’t even think about.  

It’s exhausting. 

What kinds of things do you worry about when it comes to your child with Autism? 

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  • Braden

    That just isn’t healthy. That isn’t about . You need to start taking care of yourself or that stress will make your worthless to them when they need you most.

    • Of course it’s not healthy. You’re absolutely right. The point if the post is to highlight a very, very common problem within the and community.

      It’s one of those things where you just can’t help but worry.

      You’re right and I wish I knew how not to worry so much…

  • Zoe