The week of craziness begins today with another trip back to the dentist 

We are back in Fairlawn today.  This time it’s for Elliott and Gavin’s dental check up.  It’s just a routine checkup and shouldn’t be a big deal.  

Elliott’s a bundle of nerves and smothered in anxiety.  

He’s knows he’s going tomorrow but he’s not happy about it.  Frankly, he’s doing much better than I was prepared for at this point.  He’s not freaking out and that’s a big step forward.  

I know he’s nervous and we’ll probably see a lot more of that nervousness, rear up as we get closer to his appointment but I’m really proud of him for being as calm as he’s been so far.  

Gavin on the other hand, couldn’t care less about going to the dentist. This kid has been through so much in his life, the dentist is nothing to him..  

I’ll be happy when we can put this all behind us.

It’s like a fresh start and this time, we’ll stay on top of it as we move forward.  

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