Elliott needed a chest x-ray this morning

Elliott’s appointment took about two hours and he did about as well as he does at any doctors appointment. Elliott has never been comfortable at the doctors, any doctor for that matter. He gets extremely anxious and that using leads to a meltdown, or at the very least, tears.

In a nutshell, his appointment when well.

We’re waiting for the results of the chest x-ray that is ruling out walking pneumonia and that’s about it. He doesn’t have strep and shows zero signs of being sick other than running the fever.

The only reason they did the chest x-ray is because he’s had walking pneumonia on a few occasions in the past.

It’s looking like we are moving in the direction of what Emmett’s dealing with, a rare fever disorder.

I suspected this a few months back but it wasn’t a huge concern but I began checking his temperature throughout the day. It wasn’t a major priority and if we forgot, we forgot. The idea was to simply document what was going on so we can help him through it.

Below is a screenshot coving the last few months and you can see that there’s clearly something going on.

Between everything for our Florida trip and all the things related to Gavin, I wasn’t really paying attention to the pattern that was forming.

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