My oldest with #Autism wandered off today and we couldn’t find him

Before I go any further, let me say that is safe.

We were on our way to the and Gavin started having bladder issues again. We had something that needed replace under warranty at Best Buy, so we opted to do that on the way out of town because Gavin needed the bathroom anyway.

This has happened a million times before and this is what usually happens.

I’ll go do whatever needs done at customer service and Gavin goes straight to the bathroom. He knows exactly where it is and he’s gone a few minutes before returning to my side.

We worked up to this over a period of time and lots of practice.  There’s never been an issue until today.
I finished up at customer service and then waited for Gavin.  When he didn’t show up, I went looking for him. When I couldn’t find him and,  it occurred to me that he may have gone back out to the car, which he shouldn’t have but who knows.  I couldn’t call to check because Emmett was using my phone and he was in the car with Lizze and .

I hurried out to the car and discovered that he wasn’t there either.

At that point, I was really getting worried.  I pulled the car around and dropped Lizze off at the entrance to Best Buy so she could look around for him in there.  I drove around a the massive parking lot, making sure he wasn’t wandering around the parking lot.

I kept making passes by the entrance to make sure he wasn’t standing there.

After about 15 minutes, Lizze walked out of Best Buy, with Gavin in tow.

She had actually gone to security and was in the process of having them search and call for him over the store intercom, when Gavin just sorta wandered up to Lizze as though nothing had happened.

I’m gonna be honest, this scared the shit out of both of us.

Gavin said that he didn’t see me at the front desk, even though I had been standing there waiting for him.

When he couldn’t find me, he just began to wander around the store looking for me.  I don’t think he’s lying but I also don’t think he’s fully comprehended what was happening.

I have no idea where he was because I couldn’t find him and neither could Lizze.

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