It’s been a rough day and this is all I have for now

I’m really sorry that I haven’t written much of anything today.  I’ve been way to wrapped up in trying to survive the day, that writing about anything just wasn’t going to happen.  

Personally, I’m struggling a bit and can’t seem to get my footing right now.  

Gavin’s a mess.  He’s seriously struggling and Dr. Pattie saw that for herself tonight during therapy. Gavin had the first aggressive and self-injurious meltdown he’s had in a really long time.  

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We had to move him away from his brothers and sit him on the floor.  I will say that he did get himself under control and I’m really proud of him for that. 
He worked through it but it’s just more evidence that something is wrong. Gavin hits these cycles on occasion and has for a decade or more. It has nothing to do with Lizze moving home or even the psychotic break. 

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What we’re seeing is marked, cognitive decline and that’s not unheard of for the to happen to Gavin..  It’s happened many times before and will likely follow him through life.  

I’m worried and overwhelmed…  Frankly, I’m too tired to even finish this right now.  I’m calling it a night.  


  1. Grace

    I’m so sorry to hear that Gavin is struggling. I hear you when you say it has nothing to do with Lizze being back home, and that this happens with or without her, but did you see anything like this from Gavin – to this degree – in the nearly 2 years she was gone? Not saying she or anyone is to blame or that it’s intentional but I really think it might be worth taking a step back and taking another look.

    1. That’s a fair question.

      We actually talked to Dr. Pattie about this last night. This is a cycle that Gavin goes through. It’s always been this way.

      This particular cycle has been coming on for awhile. I’ve mentioned before that I started seeing signs of this many months before Lizze moved home.

      It’s simply the nature of the beast in this case.

      I totally understand that people would make the correlation but it’s not accurate.

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