We spent the afternoon in the gorgeous weather  -

We spent the afternoon in the gorgeous weather 

Elliott was really upset when Emmett went with grandma and he had to wait until tomorrow.  If there’s one thing that many kids on the Autism Spectrum struggle with, it’s waiting.  

I spent some time this afternoon resting cause I wasn’t feeling well. It came out of nowhere but was gone as fast as it arrived.  

Elliott was really struggling and asked if we could go hunt Pokémon at the garden center. I wasn’t feeling a lot like walking around at the park but it was what I could do to comfort him and it worked.  

All four of us ended up going and while we weren’t there all day long, it was still nice to get out and enjoy the weather.  

I took lots nature pictures and you can find those on my Instagram feed. Just click the follow button at the top of this page and you’ll find it.  I love taking picture of flowers, plants and insects.  Be sure to check them out and tell me what you think.. ☺ 

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