Maggie just got into a fight with a massive raccoon -

Maggie just got into a fight with a massive raccoon

I just let Maggie outside and not two seconds after she hit the porch, something came walking up the steps. 

Maggie was gone and all I heard this really loud growling.  

Next thing I know, Maggie’s going absolutely crazy and she’s in a fight with something.  

I ran into the house to grab a flashlight and wiffle bat before dashing back out to the yard. The fight was taking place in some brush so I couldn’t see what was going on.  
I know a wiffle bat won’t do shit but it’s all I had immediate access to in the moment. 

It was so loud that my neighbors came out to make sure Maggie was okay.  

A few seconds later, Maggie bursts through the bushes and is rolling around on the ground with a very, very large raccoon. 

For as much fighting as was going on, neither one seemed to be injured. Even with her bad leg, Maggie was owning this thing. 

I ran over and starting hitting things with the wiffle bat, hoping to make enough noise to startle one or the other, long enough to get them separated, while maintaining a safe distance.  

It worked and the raccoon got up a tree and over a fence.  

I brought Maggie in the house and gave her a once over a few times to make sure she hadn’t been biten or scratched. 

Remarkably, she hasn’t even a scratch.  

She’s up to date on her shots but I’m gonna call the vet in the morning and let them know what happened.  

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