A heartbreaking update on Gavin 

A heartbreaking update on Gavin 

Gavin had his IVIG infusion tonight and seems to have done better this time around. He went to bed feeling fine but he’s not been sleeping well.

I’ve been watching him sit up in bed, stand up, sit back down and go back to bed.  He’s done this a few times tonight and I have no clue what that’s all about.  I’m not even sure how awake he is.

I haven’t seen him do this is in a little while so I’m hoping he’ll sleep now.

While we’re on the subject of Gavin, I thought I should probably update everyone on what Gavin’s emotional status is.

In short, not so well.  He’s spending more and more time alone in his room.  He’s going on some really weird, borderline creepy missions. The ones he told us about today had to do with black magic and Twilight Sparkles dark side.
Apparently he’s now developed telepathic powers and it just weirder from here. He had to do some kind of mind control thing in order to enter into Twilight Sparkles dark side mind.

Thankfully we see his psychiatrist on the 29th and we’ll figure out what the hell we’re going to do.

Physically, he’s still safe, in the sense that he’s not a threat to himself or those around him. Of course, as I write this I’m reminded about how we wandered off last week and got lost. 😔

Truthfully, it’s a blessing we’ve seen any violence or aggressive behavior from him because there have been many times in past episodes where there was.

It could always be worse.

Aside from that, his memory is shot and he’s struggling with previously mastered skills.

It’s sad and difficult to watch but there really is no other choice.  What is a Dad supposed to do in a situation like this? It can’t be fixed and frankly, it’s only going to get worse over time.

All we can really do is walk this journey together as a family. Slowing down when we need to and resting when we must.  No one gets left behind and whatever comes our way, will be dealt with as a family.

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