Why Gavin’s important treatment was withheld

Why Gavin’s important treatment was withheld

With everything that went on Monday, we weren’t able to get to Gavin’s IVIG infusion. He’s supposed to receive these infusions on Monday and Friday, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out. 

Getting this done a day later isn’t a huge problem. There is some overlap in this schedule, and that’s by design.

We never make it a habit of putting these infusions off, because they are a very serious thing. Without receiving these donor antibodies, Gavin’s body wouldn’t be able to fight off illness. It’s a pretty big deal. 

The main reason we pushed his IVIG infusion back a day this week, is because he was complaining of reflux. 

These infusions provide him with the immune system his body naturally lacks however, it takes a lot out of him. If he’s not feeling well, we try to hold off if possible. If there were complications or side effects, we wouldn’t know what was causing them.

As for this particular infusion, we’re going to try again in the morning. 

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