Gavin’s not been feeling well lately

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Recently, Gavin’s been complaining of stomach aches and nausea. Yesterday morning, he wouldn’t even eat breakfast because of this. 

Gavin is very motivated by food.  He plans his life around breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Anyone that knows Gavin would probably not even believe me if I said Gavin didn’t want to eat breakfast. 

I don’t know what the deal is but it doesn’t seem to be bathroom related. 

It also tends to come and go.  He might feel sick for a little bit but then it goes away, only to return later. 

It’s weird and we’ll have to keep an eye on this. 

It probably wouldn’t hurt to see the pediatrician for a check up anyway.  

I will say that Gavin went to bed without any problems popping up. He was feeling pretty decent tonight and that’s something I’m just going to be grateful for. 

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