Gavin’s OT assessment didn’t go as planned

Gavin’s OT assessment didn’t go as planned today and I haven’t quite figured out if this is good or bad. 

Basically, Gavin is too large (height-wise) to use most of the equipment at the Akron Children’s Hospital rehab facility, where we was evaluated. 

That basically translates into them not being able to provide for him what he needs from Occupational Therapy.

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That being said, he’s being referred to another rehab facility down the street because they are better equipped to address his unique issues. 

The OT that did the review said that the best thing for Gavin is pool therapy. 

Gravity is not his friend and while in the water, his body is supported and he will be able to accomplish more of what he needs to. 

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I should be hearing back from them next week and we’ll go from there. 

He did really well during his evaluation but it’s very clear that he’s struggling….

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