I don't even know where to start -

I don’t even know where to start

Emmett had the hardest time sleeping last night. I’m going to skip the pleasantries and get right to the point.  

Elliott woke me up around 3am because apparently, Emmett had woken up and decided to screw this plastic nut on his index finger.  The only reason he was able to get it on was because it’s threaded on the inside.  

I don’t know what he was thinking but he screwed this thing over his knuckle, which couldn’t have been easy or comfortable. 

By the time they came and got us, his poor little finger was swollen purple.  

We had to do a 3am emergency removal of this stupid and it wasn’t easy or pleasant. That said, I did manage to get it removed. 

Unfortunately, Emmett and Elliott never went back to bed and neither did I.  They stayed in their room but never fell back asleep. That meant that I couldn’t fall back asleep because I needed to be listen for the kids.  

The rest of the morning was a nightmare abut that’s for another post.  

This is the blue bolt thing that was on Emmett’s finger. It’s on my hand in the picture because I was too busy helping Emmett last night and I never took pictures of it on Emmett’s.

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